The Consulting Group źEuroSkill╗ was founded in 2001. During 10 years of work in the tough competition environment we have gained confidence of our Clients and employees and have become one of the TOP-40 leading audit & consulting companies in Russia.

źEuroSkill╗ is an independent consulting group not associated with any financial or industrial holdings. The maximum share of proceeds from one Client does not exceed 5% per year.

źEuroSkill╗ specializes in provision of the following consulting services:

- auditing services: audit by RAS, IFRS services, outsourcing of accounting
- tax consulting: tax arbitration, VAT refund, control of FTS inspections
- legal services: establishment and legal support of companies activities
- transaction support: organization and structuring of M&A transactions
- eSkill: on-line personnel testing and attestation system